FCEA Partners with Caulk’s Blueprint for Success


Superintendent Caulk’s Blueprint for Success not only includes action items for district staff, but also includes 3 partnerships with FCEA.

Under Pillar 4 (Great Staff), those include:

  • Strategy 8: National Board Certification – we are working with FCPS to bring back the mentor and cadre supports for NBCT candidates in Fayette County. The first informational meeting will be September 8th at 5:00 p.m. in Conference C at IAKSS.
  • Strategy 7: New Teacher Induction – many of our FCEA members and leaders are serving as New Teacher Induction Cadre leaders. These dynamic leaders will lead small cadres of new teachers during the school year to provide support during the critical first year.
  • Strategy 11: Peer Assistance and Review – This system has been implemented successfully in many places around the country. The system gives educators the opportunity be directly supported by other classroom teachers who provide targeted intentional support for either new or struggling teachers. This year is an exploration year for us, so more information will be coming as we put the program together.

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