Spotlight on Spring Classroom Grants

One of the small ways in which FCEA gives back to its members is through the Classroom Grants awarded in both Fall and Spring of each year. With $250 to spend on a classroom need or program, winners can enrich their students’ experiences in the classroom. Sarah Ryder, of Deep Springs Elementary, and Kellie Derrickson, of Lansdowne Elementary, share the results of their awards.


Art Supplies


In Derrickson’s 5th grade classroom, students took part in a culminating activity from the “If I Had A Hammer” math project. The kids worked on area and perimeter, scaling, and designing a home with interior walls and a roof using material their teacher purchased for their classroom.

Ryder used the funds to purchase much-needed supplies for her Special Area Art classes. She stated that the flexibility of using her own funds allowed her to find deals that stretched her dollars even further.

  • X-actor electric pencil sharpener
  • 6 yards of burlap for an embroidery lesson
  • Yarn
  • Modeling clay tools
  • Harold and The Purple Crayon DVD
  • Chinet plates for weaving lesson
  • Styrofoam trays for printmaking

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