Retiring FCEA Members Honored at Dinner

6669036793_1c80443237_o.jpgIt’s a bittersweet time of year as FCEA bids goodbye to members who are retiring from education to follow other pursuits, many of which seem to involve grandchildren or a beach somewhere.

Our organization appreciates these members’ service, as well as the chance to help sponsor the FCPS Retirement Dinner. At this year’s event, held May 20, 2016 at Grand Reserve, President Jessica Hiler helped bid goodbye to the educators listed below.

Lisa Baradaran, a retiring Special Education teacher from Glendover Elementary, says that being an FCEA member played an important role in her career. “I have been a member of FCEA for 15 years and KEA for 32 years. Through several different presidents, FCEA has kept the members informed of important issues. The officers of FCEA have worked diligently to organize members to send emails, visit Representatives and Senators, and attend local board meetings.”

She went on to say, “When I needed advice for a personal situation, FCEA provided guidance and support. My 15 years of teaching in Fayette County were less stressful because of the knowledge and support I received from FCEA!”

We wish each and every one of our retiring members a happy and active “second life,” and we hope to see you actively involved in the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association!



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