Just the Facts: FCEA President in Action

For most members, it’s hard to fully comprehend just what Jessica Hiler, FCEA President, handles as part of her organizational duties. Here’s a small taste of some of this year’s obligations. She said she finally stopped typing because there’s no way to list it all…


President Jessica Hiler chats with Daryl Love, FCPS School Board member, at the Read Across America event.


  • School visits: roughly 60
  • School Board Meetings: 24 (2x per month, including Planning Meetings)
  • Committees (KEA, FCPS, etc…)
  • Participated on the FCPS Staffing Task Force, ESSA (KEA), FCPS Certified Evaluation Plan, FCPS  Budget and Staffing, Family Reunion Planning, FCPS Compliance Hotline, FCPS New Teacher Induction, FCPS NBCT Cadre Planning, and FCPS Audit selection
  • KEA Lobby Team (2X per week during the legislative session)
  • Meeting with Manny – 2x per month
  • FCEA sponsored Student Growth Goal Training
  • ESSA Training in DC
  • Worked with superintendent and HR on sub issue
  • Meeting with KY Commissioner of Education
  • Meeting with FCEA Board of Directors: 1x per month
  • Meeting with FCEA Building Representatives: 1x per month
  • Special Events:
    • Winter Gathering, Parade, Dance Blue, Read Across America, Retirement Dinner
  • Individual Member issues — a huge chunk of her time commitment!


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