Day of Learning Is Great Success

As part of KEA’s Day of Learning this year, 15 educators from Fayette County traveled to dlrustFrankfort on March 8, 2016 to learn more about the legislative process by attending the House Education Committee meeting and conversing with legislators.

As Traci Rust, one the participants said, “KEA’s Day of Learning gave me a great opportunity to sit down face-to-face with legislators to share my own personal journey and struggles within the field of education. Not only were legislators attentive and inquisitive, each and every person encountered was welcoming, polite, and very friendly. Emails and phone calls will always help in times where our voices need to be heard, but meeting with legislators face to face makes us human; it gives our opinions a face, an emotion, and a beating heart that is hard to ignore. I highly recommend others to attend KEA Day of Learning, and if you can’t fit that day in your schedule, make time on your own to make a personal connection.”

Attendees included Ida Craft, Arlene Jacina, Allison Givan, Angela Rey-Barreau, Traci Rust, Asia Baker, Tim McCoy, Sara Green, Liz Buckler, Kim Haskins, Delvin Azofeifa, Michelle Ratchford, Suzanne Weaver, Kathy Isenhour, Susan McLaughlin-Jones, and President Jessica Hiler.


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