Action Needed: Retirees Face Dramatic Medicare Increase

From KEA President Stephanie Winkler:

Absent Congressional action, millions of seniors-including educators already unfairly impacted by GPO/WEP Social Security offset penalties-will face a 52 percent increase in Medicare Part B premiums. Most other Social Security beneficiaries will be held harmless from the premium increase. NEA is working with labor and retirement security allies to extend the same financial protection to public servants currently hurt by the GPO/WEP penalties.

You can help by urging Congress to support S. 2148 by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and H.R. 3696 by Representative Dina Titus (R-NV), which would extend the hold harmless provision to all Medicare beneficiaries. take-action

Please Call Your Senators and Representative

Senator Mitch McConnell: 502-582-6304

Senator Rand Paul: 270-782-8303

Kentucky Members of Congress:
District 1: Ed Whitfield: (202) 225-3115
District 2: Brett Guthrie: (202) 225-3501
District 3: John Yarmuth: (202) 225-5401
District 4 : Thomas Massie: (202) 225-3465
District 5: Harold Rogers: (202) 225-4601
District 6: Andy Barr: (202) 225-4706

Please call your US Senators and your US Congressman and let them know that Kentucky’s Retired Teachers are already exempted from Social Security and they certainly can’t afford to pay additional taxes on their Medicare when they reach eligibility!

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